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Nonton Film Phantom Detective (2016) | Streaming Download Subtitle Indonesia

Nonton Phantom Detective (2016) Streaming Download Drama Film Sub Indo
Genre: Action, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 125 MenitDilihat: 305 views

10 voting, rata-rata 7,5 dari 10

Sinopsis Phantom Detective (2016)

HONG Gildong is an infallible private detective with an exceptional memory and quirky personality. While chasing the only target he failed to find, he gets entangled in a much bigger conspiracy than he bargained for.

Tagline: It takes a bad guy to catch a bad guy
Pemain: , , , ,
Bahasa: 한국어/조선말
Anggaran: $500.000,00
Pendapatan: $1.000.000,00